During the seminar!
During the seminar

     Here are some ideas that you must be taken into consideration during a seminar:
-establish balance, stability and proper body movement,
-do not exceed force or hurry, but carry yourself with fluidity and continuity during a technique,
-know that every move has its own place in a fight,
-breathe properly at all times,
-during a technique, control every one of the three centers (center of balance, center of Ki -energy- and the center of thought) in order to unify them in the same point; in other words, the coordiation of these centers,
-stay relaxed and to remain calm,
-have patience: do not chase after a new or spectacular technique on your own, you will be taught when you are ready,
-attack convincingly,
-on the tatami (mats): stay attentive and keep correct posture, work and do NOT speak.