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     The introduction page
Aiki_Yn_Yang A little introduction
     How was Aikido born
Aikido-Way of Harmony
     What is Aikido
What is Hara(Seika-no-itten)?
     The meaning of Hara
The breathing
     How must we breath
The base elements in Aikido
     Ma-ai (optimum distance)
     Za and Agura (repaus position)
     Kamae (stand position)
     Sabaki (movements)
     Ukemi (falls)
Aiki_Yn_Yang During the seminar
     What must we pay attention to during      the seminar
The etiquette in a Dojo
     About the etiquete in a Dojo
Some tips for the students
Aiki_Yn_Yang A little japanese-romanian dictionary
     Rules of pronouncing
     Ranks and titles
     Nage-waza = throwing techniques
     Katame-waza = immobalizing      techniques
     Techniques aplicability
Aiki_Yn_Yang Founders
     The book of founders
Aiki_Yn_Yang Multimedia
     Multimedia accessories
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